How Can You Get Your Canadian Documents Attested In Canada By UAE Embassy?

Validation of documents is always quite challenging for travelers who require moving from one county to another for work, business, or residency purposes. If you are planning to reside and work in the UAE, it important that you get all your Canadian documents legalized by the UAE embassy.

Only then can the authorities in UAE accept the documents that you provide them. For instance, the task of birth certificate legalization by UAE Ottawa embassy is the most essential thing to do if you planning to take up a job or any other courses for study in the country.

Various steps get involved in the whole process of legalization of documents in Canada. These steps ensure that UAE allows only valid people to get into their work for work or other purposes.

Notarizing Canadian Documents:

For your documents to get accepted for use in UAE, notarization is the first and vital step to follow. You must never ignore this step. In this stage, a lawyer or a notary public checks your documents and then notarize them as per law.

After the process ends, you get the notary certificate which contains the embossed seal placed by the authorities. However, this step is not essential for every country. The conditions vary as per the law prevailing in various nations around the world.

Authentication Of Documents Before Traveling To UAE:

The process of authentication of documents is to certify the notarization of the official. The authorities concerned here check the genuinity of the documents that you have already notarized. For instance, if you are looking for the power of attorney legalization by UAE Ottawa embassy, your documents can only be accepted in UAE after they get through the authentication process.

This step gets carried out in Canada by the Global Affairs of the country. Some of the most vital documents that require passing through this stage before they get acceptance in UAE to include:

  • Birth, divorce, marriage or death certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Educational documents
  • Sworn affidavits
  • Court documents
  • Letters of clearance from the police
  • Health certificated issues in Canada

The last step that comes after all the above proceedings is legalization of the documents. Finally, the UAE embassy places the signature on the papers with a seal and your documents become legal to be used in UAE. The entire process seems to get completed in three steps however the technicalities involved in them are quite tedious.

So, for quick and hassle-free legalization of Canadian documents in London Ontario, you can rely on the services of Imperial Legalization and Visa. The company is in close contact with the foreign affairs ministry and several embassies make the entire process quite convenient for travelers.

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