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The Canadian educational documents (diplomas, certificates, transcripts and letters) can not be used out of Canada unless they are signed and stamped by the principal/Vise principal or a relevant office of the registrar (The name of the person signing must figure on the document that needs the authentication and legalization ) as a first step and afterwards the next steps are the notarization by the notary public ,authentication by DFAIT and legalization by the embassy.

We, Imperial Legalization & Visa, are dealing with these academic credentials (diplomas, certificates, transcripts…) in our daily basis for their notarization, Apostille/authentication and legalization.

Some embassies or consulates here in Ottawa do not accept the legalization of the Canadian diplomas unless they receive the transcript sealed and sent directly by the college or the university to the embassy in order to be accepted. You can contact us, and one of our legalization agent is available to provide you with the accurate information you will need.

Imperial Legalization & Visa can notarize the academic credentials (Certificates, diplomas, transcripts, letters…) by the notary public or the lawyer, authenticate the documents by the Global Affairs Ottawa/Canada ( Global Affairs Canada /JLAC-Authentication Services Section)  and legalize them by the appropriate consulate/embassy/high Commission for a job offer outside Canada or other purposes.

We highly advise our clientele to ask for notarization, authentication/Apostille and legalization services from our office, Imperial Legalization & Visa, ahead of time for your documents (Certificates, diplomas, transcripts, letters. etc.…) to be processed on time especially when the embassy/Consulate/High Commission may need the transcript to be sent directly from the University/College/School which takes time to ship it.

The Canadian Apostille Process

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Among the embassies they request that the transcript has to be sent directly to the embassy of UAE and Qatar embassy in Ottawa. For this reason, we highly advise you to get in touch with one of our authentication expert to assist you for the services that you need to avoid waste of your valuable time and money as well as your energy.

All these document that we are able to notarize, authenticate and legalize/Apostille as follows;

  • university degrees (Bachelor, Master, Phd …)
  • College & High school Diplomas.
  • Report cards & Transcripts (High school, college, University ….)
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