Background Check/Police Check

Criminal Record Check or Police Check is used to know if you have been charged or convicted for any crime in the past. This document might be used oversees for the people used to be in Canada.

Document Preparation

The Criminal Record Check must be first having an authentication/Apostille stamp by the Foreign Affairs Canada in Ottawa, secondly the legalization by the Consulate/Embassy or the High Commission to use the document overseas. The Apostille/Authentication/Certification by the Global Affairs Canada (JLAC – Authentication services Section) in Ottawa and the Legalization by the Embassy Services can be done by our office “International Legalization Ottawa”.

It’s mandatory to know the exact document needed since there are 02 types of checks that we will mention below, in addition to know the purpose of the use because it may differ for different reasons (School, job, immigration, volunteering…. etc.)

Some countries do require the original Criminal Record Check/Police check, in this case the notary public is not a must as far as the document is original, therefore, the Foreign Affairs Ottawa can authenticate the document and afterwards the embassy of the destination here in Ottawa can stamp/legalize it so as to be used overseas.


There are two types of Criminal Record Check/Police Check:

The Record “Not Certified” is a document that can be required from the local Police Station Services or from Agencies in Canada based on the Name and the date of birth.

The Record “Certified” is obtained from the RCMP based on the fingerprints or the document can be asked as well from agencies in Canada which digitizes ink fingerprints before submitting the Certified Criminal Record Check.  Certified Criminal Record Check

Further Information

For further information regarding the Canadian Criminal Record Check, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Vulnerable Sector Check: This document is a basic Check and is required by the employer or Association (to work as volunteer).Vulnerable Sector Check

For any further information concerning the Criminal Record Check or the Police Check, you can call our legalization and authentication experts “Imperial Legalization & Visa” to orient you and assist you towards the accurate information and the fastest way to get the document without wasting your time and energy.

Criminal Record Check/British Columbia

Criminal Record Check/Ontario

Criminal Record Check/Winnipeg

Criminal Record Check/Calgary

Criminal Record Check/Montreal

Criminal Record Check/Toronto

Criminal Record Check/Vancouver

Criminal Record Check/London

Criminal Record Check/Edmonton

Criminal Record Check/Halifax

Criminal Record Check/Regina

Criminal Record Check/Saskatoon

Criminal Record Check/Newfoundland


How to get and obtain a Criminal Record Check?

Canadian Criminal Record Check: visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) website for detailed information. You will be asked to supply fingerprints.  Please note that Canadian authorities do not issue certificates of good conduct.

To obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check valid internationally you must follow the procedure listed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); documents issued by local police are often not recognized abroad. It can be difficult to obtain this document from outside Canada; we recommend that you apply for this document while you are still in Canada or during a visit.

Authentication of criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates

All criminal record checks, fingerprint certificates and documents originating from any local or provincial police station in Canada must first be notarized by a Canadian notary or a Commissioner of Oaths prior to authentication.

The Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC) will issue a certified true copy of the notarized document, which is accepted by some requesting institutions; please verify if the one you’re applying with will accept a certified true copy.

Instead, documents issued by RCMP headquarters in Ottawa do not need to be notarized prior to being authenticated by the Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC). Therefore, if you need an authenticated original document, you must first request the police clearance from RCMP headquarters and then submit to us it for authentication and our specialised agent in Ottawa  can certify/legalize the criminal record check by the embassy/embassy or high Commission in which the document will be used.

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