Marriage Certificate

Legalization of a Marriage Certificate

This document is a government document that contains the information of a marriage performed in Ontario. It can be requested on line if the marriage is registered in Ontario. This document can be used to change the name, process divorce, or is used as a record of the family history.

Document Preparation

How to get a marriage licence

Age Minimum

-The minimum age to get married in Ontario is 16 years.
-A written consent is mandatory from both parents if a person is under 18 years old.

The notary public can be done by our certified lawyer or notary public, the authentication in Ottawa (Global Affairs/Department of Foreign Affairs) and Legalization by the embassy/Consulate or High Commission; all these services our office can do them on the client’s behalf in order to use the document out of Canada.

Type of Marriage

In order the marriage is considered legal, there are two types of ceremonies are performed in Ontario.

Religious marriage

There is a list of the religious marriage officiants to hire so as to perform your religious marriage.
Religious Marriage Officiants.

Civil marriage

The judge/justice of the peace or authorized municipal clerk can marry you in a local municipal office or city hall.
Find a local city hall, town hall or municipal office.

Forms you need before you marry

Before to get married, you need.
-Marriage licence.

Both the spouses, witnesses and the person who performed the marriage need to sign the licence after the ceremony.

How to get a marriage licence

To get a marriage certificate you need:
Two government documents for both persons, and one of the two documents must be with a photo.
-Valid passport
-Canadian Citizenship Card
-Valid driver’s licence….

Payment fees (the fees differ and depend on the municipality)

The marriage certificate is a legal document with the record of the marriage. And the document lists the date and the place where it takes place with the persons who get married.

You need this document to:
-show legal proof you are married
-apply for certain social
-settle an estate
-change a last name

A Record of Solemnization of Marriage is different than the marriage certificate.

Order a marriage certificate.

Change the name after getting married

If you get married, you don’t have to change your legal name, but of you opt for the change it’s doable through Service Ontario.

Change my last name

Get a marriage licence application form

Get a statement of sole responsibility form

Vital Statistics Offices

New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Please select the services you need and follow the link. Make your payment, and send your documents along with Imperial Visa Application From to our address. Once we finish the job, we will send back the documents by the method of your choice. 

In order for a document to be authenticated, the department of Foreign, Trade and International Affairs in Canada must stamp each one of your documents. To make sure that all your document needs are fulfilled, here are some of the documents that Imperial Legalization & Visa can legalize on your behalf.

​Note that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) stamps the document after authentication that we can provide if requested as mentioned in the form.

How to order for legalization

The process is as simple as

Select The Services You Need

Select and order the services you need and make the payment online.

Send Your Documents

Fill out the PDF form and send it along with your documents.

We Do The Work

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Return of Your Documents

Once the order completed we will return the documents to the address you provide.

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