Shipping/Shipment Documents

Imperial Legalization & Visa can assist you for your business documents like the Shipping
document that will be used out of Canada. Our Legalization Service done by the embassies of
more than 50 countries here in Ottawa and Authentication/Apostille Services by the Global
Affairs (JLAC-Authentication Section). If the Shipping document is a copy, then the notarization
by the lawyer or the notary public is mandatory.
Document Preparation
Obviously, the authentication/Apostille/Certification by the Foreign Affairs Canada, legalization
by the consulate/embassy/High Commission and the authentication by notary public/lawyer may
involve different bureaucratic steps and stages. Our legalization experts are able to do the
whole job on your behalf without stress, no waste of your time, reduce the turnaround and the
process will be done in an efficient and professional way.
Some Canadian companies need the Shipping Documents to be used internationally because
they have trade and commerce with companies overseas. Our office , Imperial Legalization &
Visa , has the expertise to act on your behalf for the Notarization by the lawyer/Notary public,
the Authentication/Apostille by the Foreign Affairs Ottawa/Canada and the Legalization by the
Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions in Ottawa to use the Shipping Documents out of
The company can receive the Shipping Documents within 3 business days with the notarization
of the lawyer or the notary public, the authentication by the JLAC (Foreign Affairs Canada-
Authentication Section Services) and the legalization by the appropriate embassies or
consulates. And afterwards shipping back to you with the trucking of the document till it will be
arrived at destination. After these different processes, the Shipping/Shipment documents are
ready to be used for the commerce outside Canada.
How to order for legalization

The process is as simple as

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Send Your Documents

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We Do The Work

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Return of Your Documents

Once the order completed we will return the documents to the address you provide.

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