Divorce Certificate

The Divorce Certificate is an official document that states when and where the marriage was
ended, and the document contains some contains some basic information about the husband
and wife.
Document Preparation
The Divorce Certificate is sufficient proof that the divorce happened and legally is done, because
to get a Marriage Licence you need a Divorce Certificate or certified copy of Decree Absolute to
remarry. This document is needed for immigration purposes, banking, change name….
The Divorce Certificate is issued by the jurisdiction where the divorce granted on or after a
certain date.

To get a copy of the divorce certificate in Ontario, you contact the vital records office where the event happened and visit the website:  Ministry of the Attorney General website

The Divorce certificate costs $19 in Ontario.

The Divorce Certificate must be passed through three stages; notarization by notary public, Apostille/authentication/certification by the Global Affairs/Foreign Affairs (JLAC) and afterwards the legalization of the Certificate by the embassy/consulate/High Commission to use it in foreign country.

The Divorce Decree is a document that you can get from the court vs Divorce Certificate  not issued by the court.

The divorce certificate normally takes between 1 month and half till 4 months.

To get information about your divorce or copy of the divorce certificate, you can contact the court where the divorce was processed. For the information; the Registry is not able to give you   the details and information about the divorce.

Is it a must to have a paper of the divorce to remarry?

Yes. You’ll need to present your divorce decree or certificate of dissolution from your previous marriage. If you no longer have a copy, our office capable to take care of this service on your behalf if we have all the information required.

How long you have to wait till you can get married?

Normally it takes 31 days after the Divorce Order is granted. This document can be ordered by your lawyer, or in the case of self-represented parties, it may be obtained from the court directly.

Hereafter the contact of the Vital Statistics office if you need a copy of the Divorce certificate. You can contact the Central Registry of Divorce if you do not know where the divorce happened or started.

Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings
Department of Justice 
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
(613) 957-4519

Note however that the CRDP (Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings) 
can only provide you with your divorce registry number and does not have copies of divorce certificates.

Additional information about the Registry can be found on the Department of Justice Website


The document can be requested from the Archives of Ontario if the divorce happened in this province before 1979.

Archives of Ontario 
134 Ian Macdonald Boulevard 
Toronto ON M7A 2C5 
(416) 327-1600 
Toll Free: 1-800-668-9933 (Ontario only) email reference@ontario.ca 

Archives of Ontario

For more information, see Finding Divorce Files in Ontario on the Archives of Ontario website.

The original divorce certificate must be authenticated by the Global Affairs/Ottawa without the notarization, however it’s possible to keep the document untouched and our office is able to notarize the copy of the divorce document by our lawyer or our notary public. Afterwards we take care of the authentication/Apostille by the Global Affairs Canada /JLAC-Authentication Services Section. And in case the document will be used out of Canada, the certification/Legalization by the embassy or consulate is requested. These steps are a must to be accepted by the jurisdiction in which the divorce certificate will be used as far as Canada is Not a member of the Hague Convention Treaty.

We advise our clients to communicate our mailing address when applying for a divorce certificate especially when you are out of Canada, and the document will be sent to our office in Ottawa without any delay and you will save time and money of shipping. Notarization, authentication, apostille and legalization are steps that for the use abroad.

Certificate of divorce by Imperial Visa
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