Certificate of Incorporation

The Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation is a document or charter that proves the existence of the  company or the corporation in Canada

Document Preparation

Canada is Not a signatory or Party to the Hague Apostille Convention, for this reason the Canadian documents like Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation to be recognized in foreign countries and overseas, they must be stamped (means Authentication of the Global Affairs Canada here in Ottawa) and then be legalized (Legalization of the embassy in Ottawa : is the stamp that authorizes the document to be used in that country).

The authentication and the legalization services are mandatory processes we go through to give the Certificate of Incorporation the credibility to be valid and can be used oversees.


More About The Certificate of Incorporation

The Certificate of Incorporation/Article of Incorporation is a document that requires the stamp and the signature of the notary public or the lawyer so as to be accepted by the Department of Foreign if the document is not the original one. The apostille/authentication/certification of the Certificate of Incorporation by the Global Affairs/Foreign Affairs Ottawa JLAC (Authentication Services Section) is the first process to be done and afterwards it must be legalized by the embassy/consulate of the country in which the document will be used.

Our office, Imperial Legalization & Visa, is aware of the time consuming this work takes and the importance of the certificate of Incorporation/Article of Incorporation for the company so as to be ready in a rapid way. Our agents are at your disposal to fulfill this task on your behalf in Ottawa with a professional and efficient way.

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