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Canada is Not a signatory and not a member of the Hague Convention Treaty 1961. Consequently, Canadian documents must have a certificate of Apostille/Authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs and legalized by the appropriate embassy to be valid and legal internationally.

The Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa provides authentication of public official signatures on documents to be used overseas/outside Canada. The country of destination requires an Authentication/ Apostille by the Global Affairs first, and the embassy Legalization because they are mandatory and considered as a must for the use of the document and is deemed authentic, valid and official.

Authentication/Apostille/Certification only certifies and validates the authenticity of the signature and the seal of the Lawyer/Notary Public who signs and stamps the document, the capacity in which the official acts, and the identity of the seal/print which the document bears. Authentication/Apostille or Certification merely certifies the genuineness of the signature and does not verify the contents of the document.

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