Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin is a document that can be certified/legalized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce or can legalized by consulate and they be must notarized, respect some requirements, and this document attests/Certifies that the goods exported in a shipment have been wholly produced and manufactured in a country

Document Preparation

Types of documents that can be certified by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The following documents can be certified by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • Invoices submitted without a Certificate of Origin
  • Confirmations of business registration
  • Visa applications
  • Agency/representation agreements

The CCC can certify/authenticate the documents if they meet the conditions below:

  • Issued by a Canadian company in either English or French
  • Accompanied by the proper background documentation
  • Accompanied by the proof of business registration with the federal or provincial/territorial government and confirmation of annual business license renewal (if not already on file)
  • Original document duly signed by an authorized representative and notarized (or letter of waiver must be on file)
  • Issued on the Canadian Chamber’s template or in a format approved by the Canadian Chamber
  • Certification fees paid in full

How to obtain a Certificate of Origin?

  • Fill out an appropriate affidavit and have it notarized.
  • Provide either a manufacture invoice or commercial invoice indicating where your goods are manufactured.
  • Complete the certificate of origin document.

*The Canadian Chamber of Commerce does not certify the NAFTA certificates , for further information needed , you visit the website : cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

Embassy of Libya in Ottawa

More info about USMCA Certificate of Origin

The North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin is not mandatory or a must for shipping to the other countries of NAFTA unless this latest rule of origin does not qualify the product for preferential tariff treatment.

The North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (between Canada, United States and Mexico) determines that the goods between these countries reduce or eliminate the duty as mentioned and specified in the treaty of the NAFTA.

The Certificate of Origin is required and needed among the documents for import customs clearance by the country where the goods are imported.

More about Certificate of Origin 

Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document attesting that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. … All documents presented to the Canadian Chamber for certification must first be notarized.

For more information please visit: http://www.chamber.ca/certification/

Before you use your certificate of Origin out of Canada, it must be stamped by the chamber of Commerce that our office can take of that on your behalf here in Ottawa. Not only the stamp and the signature are enough by the Chamber of Commerce, the document requires the authentication/apostille by the DFEAT (Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa JLAC/Authentication Services Section), After these two steps the document is ready for the certification/legalization by the jurisdiction of the consulate or the embassy of the country where the Certificate of Origin will be used.

One of our specialised agent is available to respond to all your requests and provide you with all the information and details you may need. In case you need your Certificate of Origin in a short time, we are able to do the job on your behalf and do it in a professional way.

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