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Understanding Document Authentication and Legalization

When you are moving to a different country for work or other reasons, authentication and legalization of documents are very important. Authentication and legalization of documents mean that they have been certified by a public official with a signature and seal. Doing it yourself can be a tedious task and can also take a long time.

Hence, some agencies help in processing these documents faster and make your job easier. You find an authentication and legalization office in Halifax that has a good reputation and can process your document faster and at a reasonable price.

Process of Legalization and Authentication of Documents

An agency that authenticates and legalizes the documents will first collect all the necessary documents. It will then get the documents authenticated and legalized by getting a seal and a stamp of a public official. This is necessary for all private or public documents.

However, the process may defer from country to country or even state to state. You would also be required to fill a form while submitting the documents to the agency. The agency will help you in filling the form and ensuring that all the documents are in place.

Once the documents have been stamped, they are sent for authentication. In this process, the officers check whether the stamp and signature are visible. After authentication, it moves to the legalization process.

The legalization of documents is done by the embassy or the consulate of that country. The embassy or the consulate will check all the documents and legalize them with a certificate. An authentication and legalization office in Hamilton will have a direct connection with the embassy or the consulate. Hence, making the process faster.

Kind of Documents Needed for Authentication

Documents that need to be legalized, need to be authenticated as well. Some of the documents that are required to be legalized are a birth certificate, adoption certificate, school certificate, marriage certificate, business contracts, partnership deals, power of attorney, etc.

To get these documents authenticated and legalized, it is best to contact an agency that has the experience in the field and have direct contacts with the embassy and the consulate.

Imperial Visa is an agency that offers various services involving the legalization and authentication of documents. They are experts who are not only reliable but also offer services at the most reasonable and affordable price. To make your document legalization process easier and faster you should contact them.

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